Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Paradigm Shift

I swear the next cunt I hear saying "Paradigm Shift" can have some of this....

Diversity And Then Some

A couple of top tunes and remixes. Just listen and then go and buy them...

Traditional - El Mariachi Loco.MP3

A great tune to listen to as you go from desk to desk in your office with a pump action shotgun.

Peaches - I -U-SHE - Effrie Kuntzah Dj Mix

A mash-up with bitter sweet symphony and high rise by micronauts and something else I think

Divine vs Beastie Boys - Native Love Right Now.MP3

Another mash-up by me!!

Divine performing Shoot Your Shot

Sex Pistols vs Henry Mancini - Peter Gunn The Queen.MP3

Did this a couple of months ago, been heard on the radio!!

Sex Pistols Performing God Save The Queen

And finally, a Classic from Wayne County

Wayne County & The Electric Chairs - Night Time.MP3

And watch Jayne County performing Cherry Bomb

That's all for now, I'm off for a wander around the office, listening to Mariachi Loco..........

Monday, June 26, 2006

Selfish Cunt

Not just a great name.....
Check 'em out on my space . And when you get the chance go and see them in action, you're not going to be disappointed. Very loud, very aggresive very very!!!

And, of course, here's my Selfish Cunt Re-mix. There's blur, kylie Minogue, INXS and Slade getting involved as well.

Selfish Cunt - Boys who feel a cunt.MP3

And here there video

Selfish Cunt iXNY - Like this a lot!!!

And a little extra bonus

Selfish Cunt - Avacado.MP3

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Mama Shamone X Rated

Right up to date now.....

Found this through Headphone Sex . Always worth a visit.
The tracks he recommended wernt really all that, but this one is incredible... This is the best thing i've heard since the last best thing I heard.

Visit them on my space

Or, Alternatively get the amazing Tune from here

Mama Shamone X Rated - Holcroft Heights.MP3

Trapped in a musical time warp

While I'm still stuck in the mid-eighties, have some of this.....

A classic now, of course

Caberet Voltaire - Nag Nag Nag.MP3

And a very short promo video for The Batcave, around the same time

Monday, June 19, 2006

Grace Jones - Pull Up To The Bumper

Can't help listening to this after posting 'No GDM'

Grace Jones - Pull Up To The Bumper.MP3

or watch the video

Gina X - No GDM

A bass line to die for and germanic drawling...How can you not love this track??? For me, it brings back fond memories of the 'Kit-Kat' and 'Batcave' back in the mid-eighties.

Gina X - No GDM.MP3

Sunday, June 18, 2006

The Kung-Fu Cow AKA The Mootrix

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Impeach My Boots

The new Peaches album is out real soon (July 10th). And here are a couple of mash-up / remixes using tracks from the album.

Peaches - Downtown (confus-a-nation Killer remix)

Peaches - Two guys for every girl (Satanic Remix)

Visit Peaches

Pre- order Impeach My Bush

And why not watch Peaches live - AA XXX

Or watch this

Peaches (feat Iggy Pop) - Kick It

And one more Peaches video....

Peaches (featuring Gonzales) - Red Leather

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