Thursday, September 14, 2006

Long Way Down - Nick Hornby

Take 4 stereotypical characters, put them on a roof on New Years Eve attempting suicide and follow what japes they have in the intervening months. Which aint very much, go far a pizza... Visit a coffee shop... a short break in Spain. All shite really, not entertaining at all. You could sit back, relax and enjoy an unchallenging read... Or alternatively use the book for arse-wipe. At £7.99 I would recommend this for arse-wipe and this for reading

This will undoubtley be made into a 'Blockbuster' film with Hugh Grant taking the lead role as shamed TV personality Martin and I'd suggest either Lily Allen or Peaches Geldof for the part of spoilt rich bitch Jess (due to personal life experience). The part of Maureen would have to be played by Julie Waters, Mainly due to the fact that no Brit-flick is complete without the ever present Ms Waters. The part of JJ the failed American musician (is there any other type of American musician ??) could be played by any idiot.

I can almost hear the soundtrack now... Coldplay, Robbie Williams, Ronan Keating and maybe Dido and in the worst case scenario David Grey!!!. This is the stuff nightmares are made of.