Tuesday, August 22, 2006

An Englishman in New York 2

I've not really posted much in the last week, this is due mainly to two factors:

1/ Been really busy preparing for this trip to New York

2/ Got myself stressed out about flying to America.

wierd really, as i'm sure that the terror threat is being over played, but even I managed to worry about the dangers of flying to New York. Of course the reality was far from the fear the media has hiked up. Sure, it took longer to check in (3hr check in at Heathrow) but all passed well and we arrived in New York more or less on time. The usual bollocks at immigration in the states, fingerprints, retina scan etc.
The day we arrived was our 1st wedding anniversary!! We celebrated by having a meal at 'The View' on Broadway, close to Times Square. Lovely restaurant, On the 47th floor and revolving!! All New York passes by as you tuck in to some of the richest food I have ever eaten. I've gotta say I feel really lucky to have the opportunity to travel here, however much I dislike New york itself. The skyline of Manhattan is very impressive.
I have a number of issues with New york though. It's full of Brash, loud cunts essentially. And there is no getting over the language barrier. I had less of a problem communicating in Beunos Aries and Cuba than here.
They do some really wierd things here, For instance they wash the pavement (sidewalk) every morning!! Are they not aware of a global water shortage. Also they throw away a lot a food needlessly, and when you take into account the amount of homeless people on the streets it's criminal.

It's all about money and status here, nothing else matters. I'm sure there are some great people in New York but i've yet to meet them. I guess that's because we are tied to Manhattan and the UN for the majority of the time we are here. Paranoia seems to be rife here. Suspicion is second nature, everyone is a potential terrorist. I couldnt live here, the climate of fear is even greater than back home in London.

It's very interesting at the UN though. Watching the wheels of international politics grinding slowly along is somewhat frustrating yet fascinating at the same time. It's true what they say, all the real politicing is done in the corridors and over a coffee at the cafe.

Unfortunately, i've not had any time to get creative musically and it looks unlikely that i'll get the opportunity to go and see some bands or go to a club, hectic schedule. Which reminds me, i'd better get back to my meeting.

Gonna watch this Vid by Selfish Cunt while i'm working

And thinking about re-mixing this when I get back

Godley and Creme - An Englishman in New York.MP3