Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Iran opens Holocaust Cartoon Exhibition

Not the best idea ever. Iran have opened their Holocaust Cartoon Exhibition in response to the Scandanavian cartoon of the prophet mohammed. How are we supposed to live together in peace when our governments continually crank up the hate. Despite my belief in free speech I cant see the benefit in making a joke out of the murder of millions of any type of person.

This is an insult to those who died/ suffered in the holocaust. Dont forget the holocaust killed not only miliions of Jews but also:

Disabled People. (many of the techniques used to kill Jews was first tried out on disabled people. Annihalation of disabled people was easily accepted by the general public)

Roma's. (probably one of the most socially excluded minorities, even now)


Polish Girl Guides & Boy Scouts. (just in case they start a resistance movement in the future)

Russians. (being a Russian was considered a crime whatever the religion)

Political enemies. (got a differant point of view? keep it to yourself - or else)

Many other ethnic and minority groups

But there is a free speech issue here as well. Trying to see how terrible these cartoons are is nearly impossible, the sites all seem to be 'Unavaiable'. Censorship or just a coincidence.

n.b they are avaiable over at Aljazeera