Thursday, September 21, 2006

John Cooper-Clarke - Live

Went to see John Cooper-Clarke at 'The Galymore' in Cricklewood last friday, and very good he was too. I have a lot of admiration for wordsmiths, especially seeing i am so lacking in that department. Amongst the poems he expertly delivered was this gem :

Hire Car

double park - don't lock the door
push the pedals through the floor
give it loads and then some more
it's a hire car baby

grip the stick - grind the gears
watch that distance disappear
never yours in a thousand years
it's a hire car baby

hire-car, hire-car
why would anybody buy a car?
bang it, prang it, say ta ta
it's a hire car baby

bad behaviour on the street
save yourself a couple of sheets
collision rate keeps it sweet
it's a hire car baby

show this motor no respect
bump it, dump it, call collect
what else do the firm expect
it's a hire car baby

drive the fucker anywhere
just like you don't care
put it down to wear and tear
it's a hire car baby

pray the person who hired it last
didn't drive it quite so fast
this dakarum dodgem doesn't last
it's a hire car baby

try not to kill yourself
or injure anybody else
don't forget to fasten your belts

rent it, dent it, bang it, prang it
bump it, dump it, scorch it, torch it
crash and burn it, don't return it
lost deposit, let 'em earn it
who cares, it's on the firm
it's a hire car baby

Although my own particular favourite is this one As it was read at my wedding last year.

And here's some old footage of JCC performing 'Twat' in a public toilet.