Friday, August 04, 2006

Cunt of the Week 31.07 - 06.08

I was sorely tempted to nominate the American sprinter who has been caught cheating, but, as there was an American cheating cunt last week it seems highly suspicious that another cheating American cunt should win again. Are the Americans trying to dominate cunt of the week? I wouldn’t put it past them, hey have to win everything at any cost. Just look at the middle east, they’re not concerned about what the majority of the world wants, they have to win this at any cost.

Back to this weeks cuntenders.

Jeremy Kyle

Tuesdays Jeremy Kyle show was a masterpiece in patronising disabled people. ‘don’t stare at me because I look different’ being one of the articles on the show. How Jezza patronized and smarmed his way through the show. Everyone was ‘Brave’ ‘incredible’ ‘amazing’ ‘heroic’ ‘fantastic’

At one point he said to a young girl how we all complain about minor ailments, overdraughts and how stupid she must think we are with what she’s got going on!! Yeah, that’s the spirit. Why not just speak the truth. You mean thank god I’m not like you, it must be a terrible life being disabled like you. You need to be brave looking like that. This thinly veiled insult to disabled people should be stopped. How about a bit of respect or awareness raising about the reality of living with an impairment in the UK. What about informing people about direct payments, the lack of human rights for disabled people or what about how the government are keen to promote the euthensia bill whose long term goal is surely the irradication of disabled people (or useless eaters if you’re a Tory cunt)

The audience seemed unsure wether to feel heart warmed or complain. Don’t forget these are the people who have turned up to see 'The Jeremy Kyle Show'. A poor mans Jeremy Springer, Jezza usually entertains us with such issues as

DNA test results for the inbred

Lie detector tests for the dysfunctional

Family confrontations for those who have a desperation to be on the telly.

Imagine you’re sitting there, keen for a dna result and the ensuing screaming argument and fuck me they roll out some disabled kids to pity. Let’s face it, you wouldn’t be ready for it, couldn’t they get them to have a dna test anyway? Or maybe they could give them a lie detector test to see if they really want to be rolled out for Jezza’s career benefit.

The programme ended with Jezza hugging a ‘brave’ 8 year old boy, the beginnings of a tear in the corner of his eye.

Patronizing Cunt.

Mel Gibson

Drunk driver mel took it upon himself to inform everyone that Jews started every war. This was only part of a tirade of abuse aimed at the jewish community. No wonder the programme he was going to direct on the holocaust has been shelved then. Why doesn’t he claim he was just going through the script and was trying to get into character , it’s all a big mistake. Gibbo is of course a Christian fundamentalist. Passion of the Christ and all that. He’s more likely to be banging the bible than his (now worn out from child-birth) wife.
Braveheart Gibbo must surely be thrown out of the states for anti-semitism or anti American behaviour. Anti-semitism should be challenged everytime it’s shown or heard, whoever that person is within society.Maybe the gibmiester is so rich that he can be forgiven quite quickly.

Had he abused muslims then there wouldn’t have been an issue, it would just be showing his patriotic side and the drunk driving charge would have been dropped due to lack of evidence.
Definitely a front-runner for cunt of the week

The final decision for this weeks award is currently being delayed as others cunts are coming through.... Watch this space