Friday, July 28, 2006

Cunt of the Week 24.07 - 30.07

It's very difficult to single out any one particular cunt as cunt of the week. There is a pletherer of cunts out there for sure. Ranging from political cunts like Bush, Blair, Ehad olmert et al to a house full of cunts in Elstree (the Big Brother house) and a thousand celebrity chavtastic cunts adorning magazines for cunts such as 'Hello', 'Heat' etc

But my choice of cunt of the week goes to Floyd Landis.

Not only does he take part in a sport that isnt even a real sport but a form of congestion busting transport, he's a cheating cunt. Taking Testosterone to enhance his lack of pedal power.

Oh the joy on his face as he celebrated his triumph in the Tour de France, How proud the American nation were in their latest sporting hero. Yet again, America had proven itself as champions of the world.

Not so proud now then yankee doodle dandy

What a cunt